Patience, Iago

Patience is a virtue- and one that I am lacking. In yoga, we’re constantly reminded to set an intention- and when we fall out of poses, can’t quite get something right, or just next to take a break- we are supposed to remember that intention, to reground and remember that yoga is about the journey, not just holding perfect poses and remaining unchallenged.

A solid 50% of the time, my intention is patience. I, like so many others, am constantly focused on what’s ahead; what’s next. What bigger, better, nicer, more exciting thing awaits. Living in the moment is one of the most difficult things for me to do- and I know this is a struggle shared by many.

In the blogging world, we’re always trying to write a little ahead of the curve, to be the first to the party. But I’m going to be honest: if I see one more “I can’t wait for fall!” post about boots and sweaters, I might cry. Or just roll my eyes until they fall out. In the early morning hours, Atlanta is still nearly 80 degrees. Summer is here, in spirit, for many more weeks, and I for one, could not be happier. I love a Fall state of mind (Back to school- new beginnings- fresh starts- and yes, I do love new sweaters)- but Summer will always be #1 in my heart.

 I spent a week in my hometown in Idaho recently, catching up with two of my closest friends at the lake, spending time with my mom in the garden, hiking around the mountains with the dog, and I honestly felt so content. Growing up, I wanted OUT of that small town. I wanted to live in a huge city, where nobody knew who I was, where I could have a fast-paced job, and live the rat-race lifestyle, as my Dad calls it. Now, more than ever, I see how privileged I was to grow up in the most beautiful place in the world. Maybe I should have relished the time I had there more- been more patient with it’s small town quirks (running an errand takes an extra 20 minutes to factor in the small talk with everyone you’ve ever met). But now that I understand, I know that for me, Idaho is the place to go when I need to become centered again.

Watching my Mom tend her incredible garden really made me think- it’s such a long, meticulous process to reap the rewards- and sometimes the deer/bears/squirrels/etc get to those gorgeous tomatoes first. But after all the hard work and effort, sitting on the deck, enjoy the view, and eating the most DELICIOUS raspberries ever: it’s worth the wait.

 So, my friends, on this Monday morning in the late days of Summer: as you prepare to go about your week, remember to be patient. Enjoy the moment. You are where you’re supposed to be, so live in it.

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