Nothing in the world could possibly top Meow the Jewels

Music monday

So last year’s Run the Jewels album was pretty great. It’s still one of my favorite road rage anthems. But Meow the Jewels? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? An entire album remix comprised of cat sounds as music? Why use a bass drop when you can just listen to purring? How many more sentences can I end with a question mark?

In case you aren’t aware, some genius started a kickstarter to convince Killer Mike & El-P to re-release Run the Jewels as a cat edition, and because the internet, it was fully funded in like, five minutes. And now it’s real! And if you aren’t already running to Spotify to find this gem, let me just tell you about some of the featured guest artists: Snoop, Zola Jesus, Zack De La Rocha, LIL BUB, and The Alchemist. But mostly, LIL BUB.

My reaction to the existence of this album

My reaction to the existence of this album

As always, subscribe to this excellent playlist to hear my favorite song from the album: Meowpurrdy. Also, while this involves cats, it’s most certainly NOT family friendly. So if you’re avoiding, here are some slighty more SFW cats (who are still jerks).