Jorting season has officially begun

In the words of everyone’s besties DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince it’s officially (DRUMS PLEASE) Summer summer summertime. Per the news*, everyone and their dog is traveling somewhere this weekend because people finally have a little bit of cash money and gas isn’t $17/gallon. THANKS OBAMA. I myself will be fulfilling the dream of my college-going self: loading a ton of laundry into my Subaru and cruising home to hang with my dog and parents. Seriously, I used to be so jealous of my corn-fed, midwestern college friends who could go hang with their families every few months because they were a 5 hour drive and not a cross country flight and a mountain pass excursion away from home. Pauvre-moi, I know. Life’s rough.

Anyhoo- in honor of my FAVORITE SEASON… a


jorts corgi dog

*Lolz at this video of ATL airport- they’re trying to make it appear that the airport is super busy, but as anyone in Atlanta knows, security lines backed up to the food court are THE REG.
**Apologies for my inner Kanye. I get really excited about dogs and denim.

The safest of travels to all of you. Namaste.