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Stillness is the move + Musical Monday

Music monday

So last time I was here, Google was still using serif typefaces. Oops. It’s been a busy few weeks. After a six month vacation from adulting, (not to mention the best Summer ever) I for real moved to Seattle, got an apartment and an overpriced parking spot, reunited with my couch, and the started working at the best. job. ever.

So now you’re caught up.

Since I’m in the epicenter of musical goodness (except Pearl Jam, but we all make mistakes. Have a seat, Vedder.) I have been to several concerts-and a festival-which is shocking to anyone who knows me IRL because, people. It’s been pretty dang rad.

Hey @bumbershootfestival you're fun #SoSeattle #Bumbershoot2015

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As it turns out, one of the main guys from Dirty Projectors is a big fan of Portland, which is the Cady Heron less hot version of Regina George Seattle, and I have been really into this song the past week for some reason.

Maybe it’s because this line really speaks to my soul:

On top of every mountain
There was a great longing
For another even higher mountain
In each city longing for a bigger city

So have at it. I highly recommend going repeat x10, but you do you.

Honestly though. Seattle is incredible. Every single day I drive home from work and stare at the Sound and the Olympics and I’m in complete awe. Not only is this place real, but I get to live here.

As my best friend, the professional counselor (and my personal lifecoach), likes to point out, I have commitment issues. But Seattle, I could commit to you.

Whatup September.

Musical Monday- STAR SLINGER, listen to him

Music monday

Two words. STAR. SLINGER. I am so happy about this guy it’s unreal. More proof that everything truly awesome comes out of Europe and I should move to London like three years ago.

It’s like this genius reproduction between Wax Tailor (I KNOW HIM. No I don’t. I saw him perform in Cannes in 2007 though. THAT’S IN FRANCE #oneupper) + Jackson 5 only it’s obviously not because Michael Jackson. I think I found this song on Vine a few months ago but I can’t confirm.

TEN MINUTES LATER: Actually, I can’t be a jerk and not share the love, so I found the Vine. I am a saint. I expect 10k pageviews in the first day GOT IT? Here you go:

(note: you have to turn the sound on because I wasn’t raised by animals so I don’t use autoplay)

Per always I tacked it onto the best Spotify Playlist known to man for your following pleasure.

If you made it this far, here’s a story for you: While finding that video, I accidentally googled “Julieloven+Fine” instead of “Vine” and was SORELY disappointed that there were not more results.

Happy Monday.

Musical Monday Featuring Børns and an awesome yoga deal!

Music monday

FIRSTLY: YOU GUYS. I think I made a miracle occur with last week’s post about hot yoga because my favorite studio in Atlanta just announced another Groupon– $69 for 10 passes! A drop in is $18, so it’s WELL worth it to sign up. And seriously, I don’t even live in Atlanta anymore so you know I’m not just pimping this place out to get free classes. ATL hot yoga is awesome AF, and I am all about spreading the love and karma.

Speaking of love- this week’s addition to the Musical Mondays playlist is a little gem called “Electric Love” by Børns. Per the name, I thought he was from a Scandinavian country, as some of the greatest musicians of all time are, but turns out he’s from Grand Haven.

mean girls michigan meme gif

I honestly like almost everything I’ve heard so far, so I added a bonus song to the playlist as well. You’ll have to visit me on Spotify to find that one, though, so get on it!

As always, I hope your week is off to an excellent start and if not, I hope you have a nice bottle of wine something relaxing planned for later. Happy listening!